Spa Decks

If you are in the process or have already purchased a new spa or hot tub, we specialize in designing & building spa decks & patios that will esthetically blend in with your home, & that will provide you with maximum privacy as well as easy access to & from your tub. From grading & preparing the site before construction, we can come up with a plan for your spa project that you will love!
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Decks & Arbors

We build decks that you will want to rush home to hang-out on & have been building some of the best party decks in North Georgia for years! The first questions we ask when approaching a new deck or arbor project is “How can we make it look like it was supposed to have been part of the house plan all along?” We’ve found that a well planned & executed deck project can accent your home like nothing else can, & will help you enjoy & re-discover your own back yard like never before.

Porches & Additions

If you ask any of the proud owners of one of our screen porch projects they will tell you that they live out there! A screen porch has the unique ability of allowing you to “have your cake & eating it too” as far as giving your shelter & protection from pests & insects, while at the same time enjoying & celebrating the beautiful outdoors.

Under Deck Patios

The space under your deck can be relatively easily to convert to another entire level of outdoor living! You can use your new or existing deck to create a beautiful shaded haven for entertaining,-a cozy shelter protected from the elements.

Concrete & Stone Work

Decorative stamped concrete or flag stone can be a great option for creating usable space with virtually zero maintenance that flows gracefully into your existing landscape. This can be a great alternative even in situations where a traditional wooden deck may not be practical.

Deck Accessories

Through the course of designing custom decks, one of the most popular features that everyone falls in love with is ambient lighting as there is really nothing like it for highlighting the contour of your deck & giving it that warm & fuzzy feeling. Whether it be mood lighting built into the rail or step lights, low-voltage lighting provides both esthetic & practical benefits. If you are also in need of more places to sit or would like to “dress-up” your choice of deck plants, benches & planter boxes also add a really nice touch!

Replacing or Fixing Existing Decks

If you have been wanting to give your existing deck a “face lift” but haven’t know exactly what to do,-call us! Depending on its age & structural condition, many times by simply adding new rail or quality decking to the core structure of your deck you can transform what looked like something that had to be torn down into a beautiful addition that you’ll want to use a whole lot more. We can evaluate what you’ve already got & give helpful, honest recommendations along these lines at no charge!